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Our client was a drone testing equipment company that had a specific ideal customer profile – companies that were building drones. They approached us for help in generating leads and booking meetings with these hard-to-find customers through cold email outreach. Our team was able to send 1,000 personalized emails and book 10 meetings for the month.

Client Background:

Our client was a company that sold drone testing equipment. Their equipment was designed to test and optimize the performance of drones. The challenge they faced was that their ideal customer profile was limited to companies that were building drones, which made it difficult to identify and reach out to them.


The main challenge was to reach the client’s ideal customer base of drone manufacturers and convince them to book a meeting to learn more about the company’s products. We needed to craft an effective cold email campaign that would:

Target the right audience.

Communicate the unique value proposition of the client’s products.

Generate interest in booking a meeting.


Our team developed a three-phase approach to help our client generate leads and book meetings through cold email outreach.

Phase 1: Research and Targeting:

We conducted extensive research to identify potential customers who were building drones. We used various sources like LinkedIn and other online forums to build a list of potential leads. We then segmented these leads based on their location, company size, and other relevant criteria to create personalized email campaigns.

Phase 2: Crafting the Cold Email Campaign:

Using the information gathered in phase 1, we crafted personalized email campaigns for each segment. Each email highlighted the unique value proposition of the client’s products and how they could help drone manufacturers optimize their drone’s performance. The emails also included a clear call-to-action to book a meeting with the client.

Phase 3: Execution and Optimization:

After launching the email campaigns, we monitored their performance closely. We analyzed key metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and meeting bookings to identify areas for improvement. By continuously optimizing the campaign, we were able to achieve the desired results.


As a result of our cold email campaign, our client was able to book 10 meetings for the month. The meetings led to several new business opportunities and helped our client expand their customer base.


By leveraging our expertise in cold email outreach, our client was able to overcome the challenge of reaching their ideal customer base and generating leads. Our personalized approach to targeting, crafting, and optimizing the email campaign proved to be the key to driving success for our client.

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